Safety Is Not Just a Priority, It Is a Value

At OIEC, it is recognized that excellence in HSE is essential to the success of our business. Also, we deeply believe in quality as a vital prerequisite for competing in today’s global market so that we are committed to the implementation of the latest worldwide standards and procedures.

HSE Policy

OIEC is in charge as a General Contractor (GC) for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning phases (EPCC) of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects. Our philosophy is to promote Health, Safety and Environment subject as a focal point of the Company. Along with the customer (client), construction contractor(s) and supplier(s), we share the vision of implementing zero incident in order to protect our human asset. The followings define our main principals in the frame of our micro and macro targets:
1. Comply with legal rules and regulations which relate to occupational health and safety issues and environmental aspects;
2. Recognizing and implementing of HSE as an integral part of improving business performance;
3. Achieving a high level of HSE performance, and a commitment to continual cost-effective improvement in performance;
4. To minimize any significant adverse environmental impacts of new developments through the use of integrated environmental management procedure and planning;
5. Minimizing risk and the prevention of injury, ill health, diseases and incidents;
6. Acknowledging that people are the key resource and promoting the general health and safety of employees;
7. Placing management of HSE as a prime responsibility of line management from most senior executive to first-line supervisory level;
8. Ensuring employee involvement, participation and consultation to gain commitment to the policy and its implementation;
9. Ensuring that employees at all levels receive appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities;
10. Periodically reviewing the policy, the management system and audit of compliance to policy, as a driver of continual improvement;
All employees are able to prove clearly their commitment to the HSE policy through their performance which complies with all the procedures and requirements. OIEC Commitment and dedication to the HSE and this policy is definitive and in addition to the requirements, it is an ethical issue throughout the organization. With the implementation of the documented and overall system of management by the established programs, the safety and health of employees, contractors, general public, customers (client), partners and protection of environment is insured.

Quality Policy

Oil industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC), as a pioneer company in Iran’s industry, being active as an economic entity and as a general contractor in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries, has chosen establishment of ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard and is committed to supply the requirements and continuously improve their effectiveness. In its all activities, this company has pursues observing professional ethics, access to superior quality, customers’ satisfaction, promotion of meritocracy, protection and development of human capitals, on-time performance of activities development of economic and technical capabilities and establish relationships with all beneficiaries based on mutual interests as its leading principles and acts as follows for access to its respective objectives based on solutions set out below:
1. To satisfy customers and earn their trust through understanding customers’ needs and requirements and sustainable endeavor to meet them on time;
2. To apply and maintain competent manpower, committed to quality and endeavor to promote their professional knowledge and skill through continuing and meaningful trainings;
3. To expand and develop effective relations and interactions with all beneficiaries, including customers, personnel, supplies and relevant organizations;
4. To observe legal, qualitative and organizational rules and regulations in relation to the Company’s products and other services;
5. To administer proper organizing, apply modern managerial and planning tools, and measure and control the procedures using information technology;
6. To set the grounds for participation, creativity and innovation of personnel;
7. To bring about sustainable improvement in the operation of organization through promotion of skill, specialty, efficiency and participation level of personnel, relying on process approach views and special emphasizing on efficient project planning, control and management;
Upon defining the objectives of the organization, the directors of the company periodically control and review realization of such objectives based on the expectations of the beneficiaries and count on all colleagues to have an effective role while maintaining and respecting the dignity of the Company, by property understanding the policy and with respect to the vision and goals of the organization.

IMS Policy

Oil industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC) as one of the pioneering companies in Iranian industry has chosen the establishment of such standards as ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/TS 29001: 2010 & ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 1800:2007 and considers itself committed to provide the requirements of the continuous effectiveness of these standards. This company considers as its guiding principles the observation of the professional ethics, achieving the superior quality, securing the clients’ satisfaction, promotion of meritocracy, preservation and development of the human assets, punctual handling of the activities, development of economic and technical activities and creation of liaison in compliance with reciprocal benefits with all of our partners and beneficiaries. We take following measures to achieve our concerned goals:
1. To achieve the clients’ satisfaction and trust through understanding their needs and requirements and continuously trying to meet those needs and requirements punctually and on time;
2. To employ and preserve the efficient manpower committed to quality and endeavor for enhancing their professional knowledge and skills through continuous and systematic educations;
3. Effective expansion and development and interaction with all of our beneficiaries including clients, employees, suppliers and relevant organizations;
4. The observation of lawful qualitative regulations and requirements related to the products and services of the company;
5. Appropriately organizing, employing the modern tools and instruments of management and planning, measuring and control of the work flow using the information technology;
6. Creation of the groundwork for participation, partnership, creativity, and innovation among the employees;
7. To continuous improvement of the performance of the organization through enhancing the employees’ skill level, expertise, efficiency, and public participation relying on the process-oriented approach and special emphasis on efficient planning, control and management of the projects;
8. Efforts in line with decrease of the accidents and the diseases arising from work through providing an appropriate and safe work environment;
9. Efforts in line with environment preservation through identification and control of environmental pollutants and optimal use of resources and energy;
Determining the goals of the organization the management of the company controls and revises the degree of the materialization of these goals on a periodical basis in compliance with the beneficiaries’ expectations and expects all the colleagues to play an effective role in accordance with the dignity and position of the company through appropriate understanding of the policy and attention to the insight and goals of the organization.