Human Resources

One of the reasons for success of Oil Industries, Engineering and Construction (OIEC) as major and outstanding companies of oil, gas and petrochemical industries is concentrating on the development and promotion of human assets. In this regard and in order to promote and develop the capacities of its activities, OIEC management has considered the capable and experienced personnel as its most valuable assets of its main priorities. To achieve this significant issue and according to the executed analysis, different measures have been taken to define and perform in the human resources and administration Management Dept. of OIEC.

OIEC Human Resource

These measures can be outlined as following:
1) Competency based on human resources management approaches as a formal approach of OIEC in planning, performing and improvement and maintaining integrity of human resources activities
2) Planning and establishing attraction, hiring and promoting of human resources according to tests and modern methods
3) Planning and establishing training systems according to ISO 10015:1999 and obtaining the related certificate from TUV CERT
4) Membership in the human resources management association and participation in holding Iran Excellence Award of Human Resources
The main consequence of activities and executed measures in the human resources Dept. of OIEC is its capable and experienced staff.

The true value of any company in a technology driven industry is its professionals. OIEC is fully aware that the experience of its more than 2000 qualified staff (not including its subsidiaries) is the basis of its success. OIEC gives great importance to securing high-caliber personnel and puts many resources toward recruiting and keeping the right people it is also cognizant of the ongoing imperative to train and empower staff. The HR department of OIEC constantly reviews the performance of the company`s organizational structure and manpower, aiming at improving individual and overall efficiency. To those who meet the stringent requirements, OIEC offers a performance-based reward system and advanced training programs. OIEC has established an efficient organization to smoothly implement its projects with careful consideration of time, cost and quality. Based on these strategies and plans, OIEC has been recently awarded Human Resources Excellence Certificate.

Audit routine administrative activities in Workshops

Human resources management to ensure the correct and complete HRM processes, audits administrative activities of the projects at specified interval times.

Areas of Audit process of human resources in workshops
- Controlling Permissions of recruitment and Combination of human resources
-Recruitment and personnel records
-performance management (Contract extension & Performance computing)
-Compensation and benefits
-Human Resources Development (training)
-Labor relations and staff
-human resource information system (HRIS)
-welfare Services