Dehloran Petrochemical Complex

Dehloran petrochemical project was awarded to OIEC in 2018. This project is in the vicinity of Iraq border (230 kilometers south of the provincial capital of Ilam in western Iran) and is designed to produce Ethylene, Propylene, Pyrolysis Gasoline and Fuel Oil. NGL 3100, an under-development venture to collect associated petroleum gases from oilfields in Ilam, will feed Dehloran petrochemical plant with natural gas.

Location Dehloran (Ilam Province) / Iran
Owner Ahdaf Investment Company
Client Dehloran Petrochemical Company
OIEC Scope Construction of Dehloran Olefin Production Unit (EPCC)
Feed 1,055 KTA of C2+ from NGL3100
Products - Ethylene: 622 KTA
- Propylene: 130 KTA
- Pyrolysis Gasoline: 55 KTA
- Fuel Oil: 6.6 KTA