Kangan PDH Complex

Kangan PDH Complex is one of the attractive opportunities which OIEC has started its implementation as a developer and investor since 2017. This project is focuses on construction of the Propylene value chain in which the Propane gas is delivered from the adjacent C2 recovery section of Kangan petro-refining complex (KPRC) to the first station named PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation) to transform Propane to Propylene. The produced Propylene will then be conducted to another station. In this step, Propylene will be under process based on HPPO technology (Hydrogen Peroxide/Propylene Oxide) which transforms it into Propylene Oxide (PO). This product could be used as a raw material to convert to a new product named Polyether Polyol with higher added value in the Propylene value chain. This complex will be the first complex in the country with a designed capacity of 225 KTA based on polyether polyol. This product is used in the manufacture of high-resilience PU foam that has widespread use in various sectors of industries such as pipeline insulation, home appliances, and automotive industries.

Location Kangan, Bushehr / Iran
OIEC Scope Completing the propylene value chain in the Propylene Oxide reaching the polyether polyol production
Products - Propylene: 150 KTA
- Propylene Oxide: 200 KTA