From Bottom of the Seas to Refineries


Developing Onshore and Offshore fields by providing Upstream Services including:
Exploration Studies such as MDP Preparation
Geology, Petro-Physics and Geophysics Services
Drilling Completion & Well Services
Commissioning and Startup


Projects Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up and Operation of:
Oil and Gas Refineries
NGL Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Oil and Gas Pipelines
Terminal and Storage Facilities

New Ventures

At OIEC, in line with its evolution path, we are definitely taking diversified business into account as the most reasonable way of pursuing sustainable development goals with respect to meeting the needs of our stakeholders as well as utilizing OIEC’s capabilities in the new and best-fitting business fields where the investment is feasible. It would help to expand our horizons to become a Leading Developer aimed at coming up with total solutions in the selected areas. In fact, as a developer, we intend to go along the value chain in the related industries to make them viable through acquiring profitable businesses, investment ownership and production where OIEC has the most effects and contribution along the chain. Done well, it is a way of promoting what we already have as our business assets, brand name and our prominent history of project execution in Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical industries.

Renewable Energy

RENEWABLE ENERGY – Plentiful, accessible and clean – is becoming more efficient day to day. Here at OIEC, we are actively preparing the future by stepping up our ongoing investment in renewable energy as a critical component in the world’s sustainable energy supply. OIEC is moving beyond by taking advantage of long-standing experience in oil and gas industry in line with sustainability approach to become a regional renewable energy operator and to meet Vision 2025. OIEC commitment to sustainability and putting people, plant and profit (TBL) at the core of its development strategy will be leading us to make significant contribution to sustainable values. Technology transfer, new industrial partnerships and investment are the solid foundations on which we are building a long-term and profitable renewable energy business.